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March 10, 2006

This Gives Self-Respecting Eastern Elitist Liberal Snobs A Bad Name

Can't help but offer a reaction to Nick Carr on "The New Narcissism":


The flip side for me:

  1. Posting on a blog forces me to think, in a way that just reading a piece and forwarding it under "thought you might find this interesting" didn't.
  2. Personalization is a boon when your time is limited.
  3. The Web allows me to personalize from a much broader selection, rather than push a more generic range of mush down my gullet from a narrower range of sources.  Good example: StumbleUpon
  4. Democratization actually raises the bar.  I'm only as good as what I have to offer right now.  No cruising on degrees, affiliations, etc. -- see back to #1

Besides, the Net's out of the bottle.  Complaining does nothing.  Question is how to help people find the best stuff in a world awash in less-than-best stuff.  Prediction:  good criticism is a growth industry.  Maybe there's hope for liberal arts majors after all?


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