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September 30, 2008

Guided Search: Game On?

Via Jennifer LeClaire at AnalyticsInsider.com, I learned that Omniture recently announced its on-demand SiteSearch service for dynamically adjusting search results on e-commerce sites based on site analytics Omniture collects. The Omniture press release notes that this isn't really new, just a better integration and extension of what they got when they bought Visual Sciences.

This is a development which I expect enterprise search vendors like Mercado and Endeca will watch with interest, as it both complements and competes with what they do. (Anybody know how Omniture is pricing SiteSearch?) This is part of a bigger trend already underway for a decade, though my sense is the vendors' features are perennially ahead of their customers' bandwidth (time and resources) to leverage them -- namely, the automation of the feedback loop between analytics and execution elements. See for example Listrak's nice explanation of its dynamic email campaign solution. Maybe a step toward an alternative future for Skynet as online merchant?


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