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January 17, 2010

What's NYT.com Worth To You?

Via Chris Schroeder's  (@cmsschroed) RT of Henry Blodget (@hblodget), the news of the NYT's decision to start charging (again) for content.

Blodget's prior analysis suggested this might be worth ~$100 million per year  (my deduction based on his math) to NYT Co.  If a tenth of its 130M monthly unique visitors end up being "heavy users" that pay, 4 bucks a month gets them ~$600 million annually (13m * $4 * 12 months = $624 million).  (Seems high; better data anyone?)

What's it worth to you?  See what some folks had to say in the chart below.  Please take this survey to add your perspective, and let your friends know about it:

Note: I removed one response of "1 million articles for free, willing to pay $0 thereafter" because it messed up the display, but am mentioning it here for full disclosure. And to the respondent, thank you for participating!

Postscript: conclusions and analysis


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