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July 16, 2010

#OMMA Metrics SF 7/21 "Modeling Attribution" Panel: Proposed Questions

Prepping for http://bit.ly/b7KIQz

Here are some discussion questions we're considering.  What's your "keep / change / drop / add" to this list? And, please take the poll at bottom!

1. How do you define "attribution analysis", and in particular, how do you distinguish it from media mix modeling?  Where are the boundaries with "CRM"? Is it just a question of the fineness of the degree to which you can relate media effects to each other? 

2. Everyone's got a poster child example or case study that illustrates the potential of multi-channel attribution analysis.  For each of you, what's your poster child?

3. What are the practical limits of the utility of this analysis, and what's behind those limits?  Put another way, at what point do you see diminishing returns to investments in attribution analysis, and why?

4. Let's talk techniques for a moment, since the session description promised we would.  What particular approaches to data integration or to statistical analysis do you find robust enough  for real-world use, and which ones are still too fragile to make work in most cases?

5. Some people approach attribution analysis as a capability-building exercise -- if we build it, they will come -- while others come at it from a tight, hypothesis-driven focus about where the value might lie, and in what sequence it might best make sense to explore connections.  What do you need to know about a client to suggest which way, or what mix of the two, might make sense for them?

6. What are some principles and tactics for the governance of attribution analysis -- things like reconciling metrics and comp with the global optimization it implies -- that make sense here?  Can you tell any stories about how these have been developed and applied?

7. What kind of experience, training, and topical education does it make sense for marketers to have, to fully take advantage of this?

8. How do you operationalize this analytic capability -- how do you make sure we move beyond insight and apply, either manually or even in automated ways, the directions the analysis suggests?  And, how does this prospective operationalization [warning: mouthful!] affect the analysis you consider doing, in turn?

9. Let's build the ideal RFP for attribution analysis efforts, to help our clients out.  What's in it?  What shouldn't be?

10. What's your recommended reading list for learning about and following this field?


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