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April 21, 2011

Analyzing #Analytics

Take a look at this chart:

Here's what I see:

  • interest bumping along to '06
  • growing interest through '08 (Competing on Analytics appears March 2007)
  • hype-y growth in interest through '10
  • wildly uneven interest so far this year
  • growing interest in the early part of each year
  • summer "blahs" (Who Googles "analytics" on the beach? Don't answer that...)
  • bump in interest in the fall, when business plans featuring "analytics" are developed and presented
  • quiet Decembers

What do you see?  Are we watching "analytics" jump the shark?  More likely, we've chowed down on it as much as we can, and are now digesting.  Further interest will likely be less at the general conceptual level, and more at the "how do I get there" level.  Hence "Pragmalytics" (Part II here).

Stay tuned for more.


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