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July 26, 2011

Trip Report: Nashoba Learning Group 50 Mile Bike-a-thon / Saturday, July 23 #autism

This past weekend Cadel Evans rode to glorySo did I.  Let's review the bidding:

  • Cadel hammered until his quads burned.  I only had to tap lightly to achieve the same effect, and it took me many fewer miles.  Edge to Cesar.
  • He struggled on L'Alpe d'Huez, with only two more fans (worried-looking at that) to urge him ahead than I had on L'Alpe d'Old Bay Road (Bolton, Massachusetts).   No one photographed my agony and stuck it on Flickr.  Another pour moi.
  • To help him recover, Cadel had paid soigneurs massage his aching thighs.  I worked my cramps out myself.  Tossup I think, depending on whether you're frugal, or into the whole spa thing.
  • On the winner's podium, a lovely model handed him his stuffed lion.  When I rolled in, my lovely wife handed me a turkey sandwich.  It was a good sandwich, and Cadel's a little old for toys like that, no?  Advantage me.
  • Upon his victory, his domestiques cheered him.  At the end of my ride, William gave me a big smile and asked me to jump in the pool with him.  No contest.

Thank you once again to all our wonderful friends who were so generous again this year.  Regardless of whether your primary motivation was to support an incredibly worthy school, or to see me ride 50 + miles (including a wrong turn in West Concord) in 90-degree heat (and we both know who you are), we are very grateful!


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