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March 26, 2013

Financial Services Program Management Consulting Opportunity

We're currently working with a leading investment management firm to help deploy and refine a new retirement guidance process and related tools.  As part of this, we're helping our client find a freelance project/ business manager with broad new venture launch experience (not just management of a software development project, but coordination of promotional and operational aspects as well) for the balance of 2013.  We would refer interested candidates to contract directly with our mid-Atlantic region client.  (The work would be largely on-site.)

About the role:

  • Responsibilities
    • Define and maintain granular and integrated plan for this initiative
      • Granular = day by day as needed/weekly calendar
      • Integrated = development, promotion, operational (channel) integration, etc.  NOT just development; will closely coordinate with existing project / release management on the development team
    • Track and report progress against this plan for a variety of audiences and uses
      • Includes learning and training other team members on necessary information interfaces for principal program metrics
    • Identify program dependencies, coordination requirements, delays, and resource needs in partnership with Development/Product/Promotion and Channel Integration Leaders
    • Develop and recommend options for resolving challenges
    • Work with finance staff to track  spending vs  budget
    • Coordinate with external experience design vendors as needed to support the program
    • Prepare / conduct / debrief regular team meetings (agendas, follow up notes)
    • Maintain online workspace and necessary documents to support program operations
  • Qualifications and Experience
    • 2-4 years prior program management experience with efforts of this scale
    • Understanding of/experience with software product development and promotion
    • Broad experience as a business manager preferred
    • Organized, disciplined, detail-oriented – demonstrated through prior similar efforts
    • Formal program management training ideal
  • Organizational Role
    • Reports to Program Leader
    • Peer to IT Tech Development and Business-side Product and Promotion Leaders
    • Partner with other groups as needed on integration, analytics and other topics

If you're interested, please fill out the short form below, or please pass this on to someone you know who might be a good fit!  Thanks.



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