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A Parrot's Prayer

  • by Sally Brooks
    For all the wild caught parrots so savagely netted and swept away from their families while their babies dumped into burlap sacks cried out in terror. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER.......... For all the exotic birds that witnessed the destruction of all the blessed trees and fled fires in fear from man's thirst to dominate, stripping the land of all its inhabitants, leaving nothing but bare ground behind. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER.......... For all the parrots that struggled through the capture, but died unmercifully in transport from the stress of overcrowded, barbaric, confinements and inconceivable horror. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER....... For all the survivors that made it into captivity, but exist in a nightmare of confinement unable to use their God given wings of flight as they once remembered. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER......... For all the baby birds bred in captivity whose crop's burned or have died needlessly from harshness of human hands. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER.......... For all the captive birds that have been erased from their owner's consciousness and are abandoned to a lifeless existence with only a distant memory of what is was like to hear a gentle voice from someone that used to care. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER........... For all those creatures who don't know what it's like to live life as a bird or even to feel the breeze or sunlight but are doomed to darkness in closets or garages, trapped inside covered cages or shackled. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER...... For all the macaws, cockatoos, amazons and conures that are stripped of their vocal cords for screaming, their sensitive beaks cut back to prevent biting. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER....... For all birds that end up for sale in pet shops or breeders, like used merchandise unwanted and frightened in strange surroundings with nothing more than the familiar sight of bars on a cage. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER..... For all the neglected birds that are sick with infections from filthy conditions and malnourishment that may never recover and know what it is to feel healthy and be playful. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER......... For all the misconceived parrots who were beaten, stabbed, blinded and burned for just being a parrot. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER............. For every African Grey and Cockatoo that punishes itself from confinement and boredom by maiming their bodies and plucking their feathers and for those who have lost all spirit of life and sway their head low from side to side slowly into insanity. LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER......... We ask humbly of you, dear Lord to look upon all of your magnificent feathered creations. Protect them from evil and harm caused by man and to bring forth an awakening in the human heart and make it a kinder and gentler world for all captive birds........Amen (Posted with the author's permission.)

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November 19, 2007


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